The wholesale process of mooncake filling is divided into the following nine steps:

一、 Select supplier:

1、Choosing to cooperate with manufacturers can directly obtain mooncake fillings from them, ensuring product quality and stability.
2、Consider choosing a local brand agent to ensure the quality and reputation of the brand, and may receive better after-sales service.
3、You can also choose large baking shops or online platforms, which usually offer a variety of flavors and brands of mooncake fillings to choose from.

二、 Understanding product information:

1、After selecting a supplier, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the variety, specifications, quality, and other information of the mooncake filling to ensure that it meets your own needs.
2、Pay special attention to checking whether the food packaging labeling is complete, including qualification certificates such as food circulation license and enterprise food production license.

三、 Price comparison and negotiation:

1、Use search engines and wholesale websites to compare prices and understand market trends and price levels.
2. Negotiate with suppliers to obtain more competitive prices and better services.

四、 Signing the contract:

1、After reaching an agreement with the supplier, a formal procurement contract needs to be signed to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties.
2、The contract should include clauses such as product specifications, quantity, price, delivery method, payment method, and breach of contract liability.

五、Payment for goods:

1、According to the payment method stipulated in the contract, pay the supplier for the goods.
2、Please keep the payment voucher for future verification and inquiry.

六、Receiving goods:

1、Receive mooncake fillings sent by the supplier within the agreed delivery time.
2、Verify the variety, quantity, specifications, and other information of the goods to ensure consistency with the contract.
3、If any damage or missing goods are found, they should be promptly contacted and resolved through negotiation with the supplier.

七、Acceptance and storage:

1、Conduct quality inspection on the received mooncake filling to ensure that the product meets quality standards.
2、If necessary, a third-party testing agency can be commissioned for testing.
3、After passing the acceptance inspection, the mooncake filling will be stored in the warehouse, paying attention to storage conditions such as moisture-proof, sun protection, and insect prevention.

八、Sales and after-sales service:

1、Sell mooncake filling to downstream customers or retailers.
2、Provide after-sales service, such as returns and exchanges, quality issue handling, etc.

九、In the entire wholesale process, the following points need to be noted:

1、Time management: mooncakes are festival food, and the wholesale time should be earlier rather than later to ensure that there is enough stock before the Mid Autumn Festival.
2、Risk management: In the procurement process, attention should be paid to prevent fraud. For example, remember the notes when making payments through WeChat Alipay, so that you can quickly safeguard your rights in case of problems.
3. Inventory management: Reasonably control inventory levels, avoid excessive or insufficient backlog, to ensure liquidity of funds and stability of sales.